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  • Talent strategy:
    LD is a place served for talents from all roads, whose future is to be painted by all of its staff. Thus, our staff are our most valuable fortune, and we are willing to attract most excellent and most potential talents and hope that every staff can better spend time while in youth and give full play to their ability.    

    LD is a big family made up of a group of individuals with lively personality. We put people first, value them and respect them, with a firm belief that the personal progress of each staff relates closely to the development of the enterprise. LD’s yesterday, today, tomorrow and future are all created by all. LD’s thriving is dependent of its staff’s hard working, and LD’s stay in vitality rests with its staff’s innovation. LD’s development is driven by staff’s efforts, while LD provides its staff with career opportunities and development space for their personal development. Consequently, it is LD’s forever pursuit to allow itself and its staff to develop in a good manner.     
    We are working hard to build our LD people and expect them to be: loyal and dedicated, professional and devoted, united and aggressive  

    Our mission: institutionalized management, professional service, people-oriented, committed to the promotion of corporate value and staff value.
    Our pursuit: to provide human resources guarantee for the enterprise’s development, and to create sound environment and space for personal development.